This morning I read a blog of my friend, and it has given me an inspiration to scribble few words. One of my colleague passed away two days back due to covid 19 related issues. We never thought this pandemic will hit so hard and eventually change the life of almost everyone on this planet.

My mind wonders what has caused this kind of situation. I was thinking our steps were very fast not looking around and taking care of the people around us. I remember the last major tragedy stuck around 100 years ago. Even today the deaths caused due to accidents and suicides are still there. The accident deaths has come down, rivers are cleaner, the ozone layer has some relief at the same time I wish all the state and powerful work together to eradicate the pandemic and help each and everyone to have a safe healthy life. Let everyone take the few steps with utmost care which would only benefit the man kind in some form or other. I am sure if there is a super power he would help us to build a better world to live. Let our thoughts, our action be towards the well being of everyone on this planet and not just for us alone.


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