Be at Sixteen

At the age of sixteen mostly all the teenagers wil have immense ideas and passion. As time passes they forgo their passion in order to have a comfort life than a real satisfied life. Whatever passion developed in mind should not be forgotten due to the circumstances or in order to satisfy others. Every great invention was criticized in the beginning and not accepted. We are able to achieve something great only when we think out of the box by forgetting the usual paths. If we think of failure or try to satisfy the audience there can never be a successful play or a master piece. The creator of new things are independent and never tries to be a parasite. One of the greatest discoveries of mankind like Anesthesia was invented by a Dr and the great Scientists who were keen to extract the teeth entirely painlessly. They worked towards the goal and the rest is history.

Published by rajan v kokkuri

An Engineering Designer by profession hailing from Attoor Kerala and lives in Muscat. I have published four books.

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