Given a chance what will you do?

If Iam given a chance I will travel back and do all that I missed doing or enjoying during those days.

Many of us miss the train, but fail to enjoy the after effects of missing the train. It was God’s wish so we missed. In life also many times things happen beyond our thinking or expectations.

If we approach obstacles with ease and seek help there will be some solutions.

‘Celebrate every occasion and make everyone around you feel positive with your presence’.

Everyone of us get opportunity to work hard and meet the target which may benefit many people.

‘Let us be the light and never be the darkness in anyone’s life’s’

‘The sincere work done will never go wrong however small it may be’

Many people seldom get opportunity to serve others, so let us do our part very well.

Most of us enjoy the extra work and the benefits goes to many people. It is very important to take the initiative and lead roles whenever there is a way without waiting for the results or appreciation.

When the time passes our most sweet memories will be the time we suffered or had tough time.

‘We will surely will remember the breakdowns, the fallouts and the hardships.’

I wish to go back and do all that what I missed and regretted during those days.

How nice it will be to see the one left us forever. Will there be chance to hug them once again at least in my dreams.

Will God give a chance to tell sorry to them if ever I hurt them or failed to help them in the need of the hour.

Published by rajan v kokkuri

An Engineering Designer by profession hailing from Attoor Kerala and lives in Muscat. I have published four books.

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