Why loose again?

If we allow bitterness and resentment to grow inside us then the relationship with others may grow unsatisfied. We might have lost yesterday, but let us not carry it for tomorrow to loose one more day.

‘The eyes wish to see the light, but why take it to dark again?’

‘Whatever lead us to the desired destination should be tried without any hesitation.’

The seed farmers grows the crops to get high yields so that others too can produce good quality of plants. Most of them personally may not get a higher income but continue their service to the society. The nature climate conditions and the raining in the right proportion are helping the process of our food requirements.

‘Some people always act as per the virtue without their own benefits’

The weaker sections can survive if the strong persons work for them selflessly.

One need not wait for others to start the right action.

Published by rajan v kokkuri

An Engineering Designer by profession hailing from Attoor Kerala and lives in Muscat. I have published four books.

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