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I was above to fall. The depth was unimaginable. A branch held me from falling. Was it God’s hand? My mind says, yes it was God’s hand. There were times when I was down with low moral with empty pockets. There was not sign of a ray of light for a distance. I was notContinue reading “GOD’S HAND”

Remembering the Light

Seldom anyone remembers the darkness and likes to recall the incidents happened in struggled days . Darkness is horrible and create panic mind set. We will be remembered for the light we spread around others. Every step of our life is linked with the vision and if we can provide a little light around usContinue reading “Remembering the Light”

Why loose again?

If we allow bitterness and resentment to grow inside us then the relationship with others may grow unsatisfied. We might have lost yesterday, but let us not carry it for tomorrow to loose one more day. ‘The eyes wish to see the light, but why take it to dark again?’ ‘Whatever lead us to theContinue reading “Why loose again?”


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